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Pub schedule: July 9 – paperback Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge August 6 – A Farewell to Arfs (the new #ChetandBernie novel) … Read More


There’s been some comment on the Timmy scene in Up On The Woof Top. Here’s how it begins. (It’s a … Read More


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Nerve Damage

Nerve Damage, a crime novel where a mistake in an obituary plays a role, is on digital sale. $3.99! I … Read More


This kind of thing – a recent Amazon reviewer on Up On The Woof Top, the latest Chet and Bernie … Read More

Merry Christmas

Not long after that, we turned onto a single-lane road, a very unusual road paved with red and green bricks. … Read More


Keats – in Ode on a Grecian Urn – makes the point that the joy is in the anticipation. If … Read More

I-95 Driving Notes

Yesterday: here to Brooklyn – 7 hours.┬áToday: return trip – 3 hours 50 minutes. And here’s a recent Up On … Read More

Ribbons and Bows

Here’s Archie “wrapping presents”, according to his human companion (a very good friend of mine). (And I really liked Rebecca’s … Read More