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Most of my talks come around publication of a new book, but not all. I’ve got 2 this week (see Events). I like meeting readers! Ask me anything! There’s a book signing scene in the Chet and Bernie series – Chet’s first time in a bookstore. Dame Ariadne Carlisle, a writer of Christmas mysteries, will turn out to be one of the main characters in Up on the Woof Top – which you’re allowed to read even in spring.

Dame Ariadne Carlisle held no notes. All she had was a gold pen, a big fat one, dangling from the fingers of one hand. Here’s something crazy. I wanted that big fat gold pen, wanted it bad. Normally I don’t chew on metal, but I was sure that this gold pen would be charmingly springy to chew on, as long as I didn’t really chew but just sort of held it in my mouth, not too hard, not too soft, but just right.

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  1. Greetings again from Chet and Bernie land. Guess what we did yesterday? We hiked through a slot canyon. It was unbelievably spectacular. And every bit as dramatic as it was described in the book. The Secret Antelope Slot Canyon near Lake Powell on the Arizona/Utah border. Kept an eye out for Chet but did not see him.

    1. Wouldn’t it be fun if OFA and, perhaps, his publisher would arrange a C&B tour?! Especially if there were actors portraying the characters. Sign me up!

      1. That would be difficult as OFA has stated that he’s made up a lot of it. While many of the books take place in Arizona (and across the border) other locations are Louisiana and Colorado, to name two.

        But yes, it would be fun to tour the real life inspirations behind the books and maybe some related things like an elephant, horse, ferret, various restaurants, a “special” Dunkin’ Donuts for crullers and maybe even a fountain store with many styles including a swan fountain. Not sure about Phoenix but locally in the East county our water treatment plant is supposed to be quite “tour-able” with gardens and water treatment areas that are very tourist friendly. I’ll be a local Natural History museum would have info on the aquifer, the formations, archeological digs, and other things that could tie in. If the timing were around Christmas a trip to the mountains and some snow, although not sure they would have a “Santa’s Village” or reindeer. It’s a 4 hour drive but if there is a tour bus and with no actual skiiing involved it could double for Colorado.

        No way they can find a Chet Double but plenty of Izzy imitators in local shelters. Might be a great opportunity for an adoption event. I’m sure Chet would be on board with that.

  2. Greetings!

    Chet, I would like to have that big fat gold pen too. :^)

    WTAFP: Your Arizona adventures sound great. If only you could post pictures on the blog…

    Good afternoon to all!

  3. I have a feeling that while Chet thinks he only wants to feel the bounce of that gold pen, once in his mouth he would be testing the limits until it was crushed and had irreparable teeth marks.

    Today is National Hamburger day and International Burger day. Just so happens I have a fresh patty in the refrigerator (the twin of the one I made last night) and I will be grilling it up today. Stovetop, not outdoors.

    I am disappointed with the YMCA. They have had notices for no hot water, both jacuzzis closed, outdoor pool closed and now limited parking due to Summer camp off and on since February. I don’t go there when there is no hot water or the jacuzzis are closed or the pool will be crowded or there might not be parking close enough for me to walk.

    Instead I am trying to get my exercise in the yard. The south planter in front is coming in to full bloom. Everything is taking turns. I just put a small birdbath with pebbles in it to make the water shallow for the bees and butterflies out front in that planter, hidden between the calla lilies and the hydrangeas. This week I’ll be working on drip irrigation repair and building some trellis supports for the raised bed garden in preparation for this summer’s crop. Doing everything I did last summer except for the zucchini. It’s too big and I don’t like zucchini. Looks like I might get sweet potatoes. (For the dogs.)

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