There’s been some comment on the Timmy scene in Up On The Woof Top. Here’s how it begins. (It’s a Christmas story so the boy’s name is not accidental although I wouldn’t want to hit anyone over the head with it.)

The wheelchair stood between the comfy couch and one of the comfy chairs. The boy’s eyes were on the TV screen, hanging on the opposite wall. Some sort of cartoon seemed to be happening on the screen, a cartoon involving pigs. Charlie liked to watch this same cartoon. I didn’t get the appeal. I knew pigs. The boy himself seemed to be of about Charlie’s age. He even looked like him.

“Timmy?” said Stell. “This is Mr. Little and Chet.”

“Hi, Timmy,” Bernie said. “And call me Bernie.”

Timmy didn’t call Bernie anything, didn’t speak at all. His eyes stayed on the screen, didn’t shift our way even for an instant. Those eyes were light blue, maybe the lightest blue I’d ever seen, like one of those days when the sky seems farther away than usual. But Bernie says I can’t be trusted when it comes to colors, so forget this part. But had I ever seen human eyes more beautiful? That’s what to remember.