7 Comments on “Christmas in July”

  1. Greetings!

    I wish the weather in this neck of the woods was a little more Christmasy…Very hot and humid here, and it looks like we will be getting the tail end of Beryl in the middle of the week.

    Big Tiny: Is your Mom all healed after her accident?

    I love that the audio C&B’s have kept the look of the original Chet.

    Stay cool!

  2. Mental AC is very welcome! We are having triple digit temperatures for the next 7 days at least. Very unusual for this neck of the woods. Dangerous. Everything is drying up. Fodder for wildfires.

  3. Wose! Mom’s nose is healing. It looks normal but when the dr took the splint off, she told mom to be very gentle with it. She never had a petite little nose anyway but is glad it looks normal.
    That pesky hurricane is causing havoc with the Texas power grid. At one point more than 2 million customers without power. The path took the storm east of us. All we had was cooler weather with a little light rain.

  4. Only downside to Christmas in July is no presents. I do have some Christmas cookie dough chilling in the refrigerator.

    It’s actually not too bad in the shade. I haven’t been out this afternoon because still waiting for an Amazon delivery. This morning I was trying to sift the rocks out of the concrete mix I bought for my stepping stones. Not working very well. I knew I should have bought the mortar mix instead. I must remember not to listen to clueless men in Home Depot.

  5. Speaking of cool, it is National Ice Cream Sundae day and National Blueberry day.

    I have vanilla ice cream, I have blueberries, I have hot fudge and even maraschino cherries. Even a jar of the Tipsy kind I bought by accident. I could even whip cream. I have chopped nuts. That is just a sundae waiting to happen.

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