First, there seems to be interest in getting the Christmas decorations like those shown here yesterday. They were made and sent to me by a very thoughtful but anonymous reader – a member of the Plunderers – so that looks like a dead end. I do have a couple of It’s A Wonderful Woof decorations from a pre-pub promotion of that work (to see one check out the comment from Amy Broughman in yesterday’s FB post). Maybe I could give one away in a pop quiz. Any ideas on subject matter for that? (Some writers would tie the giveaway to whoever wrote the best 5 star Amazon or B&N review, but I’m not that writer.)

Speaking of writers, reader Donna Grove is interested in Woody Wordsworth, the ghost writer who appears in Chapter 5 of Up On The Woof Top, the brand new Chet and Bernie holiday novel – specifically his cure for writer’s block. She asks if I’ve ever resorted to it. Answer: no. But I do have a cure. More on that later.