Reading Group News +

First, thanks for the excellent write-up re the history of the Plunderers – a beloved group here on the blog – in yesterday’s comments. Second, it great to see Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge on this list. Today is when I’m supposed to announce it. I may have jumped the gun on this earlier. But many thanks to the Women’s National Book … Read More

Yay, Plunderers!

One of the blessings of this job is the relationships that develop both with the readers and between the readers. Here at the blog – there’s a longtime and wonderful group called the Plunderers who every single year create a calendar. I just got mine. Here’s the cover and the January page – Dottie and Pearl on the front lawn. … Read More

A Thing of Beauty

This, from a group of readers known as the Plunderers, hangs on my office wall. There are blessings in this line of work.