A Thing of Beauty

This, from a group of readers known as the Plunderers, hangs on my office wall. There are blessings in this line of work.

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  1. Well, I am out of moderation and my post from yesterday did appear. The quilt was truly a labor of love and helped create the plunderers as they are today. A lot of really great memories are embedded in that quilt and of those appearing in the various blocks.

  2. Those Friendship Quilts are the best kind. Everyone contributes a block and they are all unique. A one of a kind work of art. There are many precious memories there and I can see several cats were involved.

  3. For those of you who are latecomers to the Plunderers or may simply not remember all the participants in the quilt, the following is a line-by-line guide to the various blocks. Here it goes:

    Top — Rio (Rockies stadium), SiberH

    Second — Bluecat, Wolfie Wigglebutt, Rio, Gus & Boo Bear, SiberH (signature)

    Third — Rio (official ID card), Staff/Alice, Wookie, Staff/Abbie, Sammie

    Fourth — Buford (blind friend of Kirby), Mollie — A Black Poodle, Cosmo, Macy, Kirby T. Pentworthy

    Fifth — Staff/Alice, Mollypop, Rio (bedbugs), Jasper the Poodle

    Sixth — Plunderers’ Motto (B Stover), Newf puppies, Newf pack, Maggie, B. Stover

  4. I don’t think you can upload photos from your computer, which is a pity, but you can bring them over if they are already posted somewhere else.

    ” ”

    You can get fancier with naming it, aligning it and specifying width and height but not sure we want to get that fancy. Yes, the old site was easier in that regard but for now, copy and paste the codes and if you’ve got a photo on the internet, it will work.

  5. I think I’ve reached the end of my coding tolerance.

    I can do links but I can’t get an image to post even from a url already online.

    Perhaps someone else can take over from here. Otherwise there may not be a Plunderer’s calendar for 2025.

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