The Food of Love (More)

Yesterday’s Chet and Bernie music trivia question—What song is mentioned the most in the series?—was a bit of a trick … Read More

The Food of Love (More)

Time to play more #ChetandBernie music trivia, thanks to reader Mike Farley. Today’s question: What song is mentioned the most … Read More


“The heart has its reasons that reason knows not of,” Bernie said. “You son of a bitch,” Captain Stine said. … Read More


Long but interesting. I like the line “Distance is the enemy of compliance.” Not just in relation to the nation … Read More

Show Us Your Papers!

In answer to questions: Yes, the #BowserandBirdie series is intended for younger readers – middle-grade to YA – but adults … Read More


Sunday? Therefore beginnings, where we take a look at the start of one of my novels. Last week we did … Read More


Cam Booser walked away from baseball in 2017 and became a carpenter. Now he’s in the major leagues


As some of you know, Bernie likes Hawaiian shirts. (Let’s not get into his disastrous marketing venture with Hawaiian pants … Read More


Just a reminder that The Right Side is on sale – digital version only – for $1.99 till the end … Read More