Sunday is for beginnings when we take a look at the start of a Peter Abrahams novel including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker™, a word we’ve faux-trademarked. Since the first Chet and Bernie short story, A Cat Was Involved, came up this week, how about we go with that? It’s available in digital and audio form. A very few promotional copies were printed of which I have a handful. Somewhere. Maybe I’ll make them prizes in some future pop quiz,

“Chet—let’s get a move on, buddy.”

Chet? That was me, and getting a move on was my kind of thing. Plus here at K-9 school they were big fans of coming after your name was called—pretty soon after, in fact, if you wanted a treat. Which I always did.

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  1. I don’t think the cover artist was as familiar with Chet as we are. That was the first e-book if I recall. I was lucky to have stumbled upon the offer as I think I ended up pre-ordering the book it was the incentive for a day before publishing and rushed to get my receipt in. I managed to get them all but the most recent Iggy one, which ended up being in the Short Tails book so thankfully have them all, plus the original It’s a Wonderful Woof ornament. I do love those pre-order goodies.

    Would not mind winning a print copy either, as I prefer print to ebooks. But I will read anything Chet and Bernie no matter the form.

    Perhaps printed on a sheet cake or series of cookies? On a t-shirt in very small print? Hey! What about one of the book covers on a t-shirt? There’s an idea for Farewell to Arfs.

    I do like the live but photoshopped model of the more recent books. That is one handsome and photogenic GSD. They also have been including Bernie’s pant leg at least some of the time.

  2. Mom has one of the printed copies of A Cat Was Involved. Don’t really remember how she ended up with it, but it’s treasured along with all the hard copies we have of the series.
    Hope everyone had a great weekend and is looking forward to Thanksgiving.

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