Red Message
Collection: International Intrigue
Publication Year: 1986
ASIN: 0380898039

The CIA concludes that the disappearance of math genius Teddy Wu is an obvious defection to Red China, but his lover, Beth Hunter, investigates further and discovers an international political conspiracy of terrifying proportions.

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About the Book

To the CIA the mysterious disappearance of mathematics genius Teddy Wu was an obvious defection to Communist China. A case of one of Mao’s men reentering the fold.

But Beth Hunter, Teddy’s beautiful fiancee, refuses to accept this. She embarks upon a desperate search that plunges her into the teaming heart of Red China itself…into the dark shadow world of ancient crime societies and the dreaded “Brotherhood of the Green Snake.”

Abandoned by a government that brands her a traitor, Beth finds herself atop a political time bomb of terrifying proportions. And soon, only she holds the key that can save her lover…and perhaps the world.

Selected Reviews

“ABRAHAMS BEGINS THIS THRILLER WITH A LACONICALLY PRESENTED, ELECTRIFYING MYSTERY: why did cuddly, brilliant mathematician, Berkeley professor Teddy Wu not show up at City Hall for his wedding to Beth Hunter?…in her search to uncover the truth and find Teddy, Beth travels in California, to China, to Taiwan, and then back to California.”
– Publishers Weekly

“A journey of suspense you won’t soon forget…a nonstop thriller with plotting as intricate as a Swiss watch!”
– Michael Palmer

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