Tough Guys

Tough guys? The Little Detective Agency deals with them all the time. Here, from A Farewell to Arfs, coming Aug. 6, preorders much appreciated:

“Hey,” said the dude at the end of the bar. “Can I get another?”
“You ain’t done with the one you got.” The barkeep opened the door, went through, closed it firmly behind her.
The dude who wanted another drink glared at Bernie, like Bernie’d been the one to blow him off.
“That dog on a leash?” he said.
“Are you?” said Bernie.
The dude turned away. My Bernie.

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  1. Oooo. Very nice.

    The front planter has the sprinkler going now. High of 84 anticipated today. Diana pawPrints will be getting a bath. Tomorrow 80 and Monday back to our normal 73 which will continue for the next week.

    A lot on the plate today. I’ll be making cookies and a pie for Father’s Day.

    I also need to epoxy some crockery back together and do laundry.

    No yardwork today. Too hot. By the time the temperatures drop it will be dark.I do have to roses to repot. I think I successfully propagate my Merlot mini rose. I’ll know when I repot them. The one in the front next to the porch is over 20 years old and is just fabulous. Not sure if it’s called Merlot or not but I think it is. I’ve got two cuttings of Champagne Cocktail going and I hope at least one of them takes as I want to put one in the front where I lost a rose. The one in the back is also 10-20 years old and I can’t seem to get another as they are always out of stock. I just love that rose and want it in front with the Love and Double Delight, both of which I also love.

    It is Beer Day in Britain, for those of the hops persuasion. I will assume the beer is warm, as is the company.

    Here it is National Dog Dad day and National Prune day. I’m not much for prunes but I do make a lovely prune filling when I make Hamantaschen. I never remember what time of year I should be making them. Got the recipe from Sunset Magazine and it is the best. Not like ones you get in the store. The dough is whole wheat and has yeast. The filling is like making jam and has lemon rind and cinnamon. I don’t care for Danish pastries but I do like these Hamantaschen. There is also an apricot filling with almonds and a poppyseed filling but I have always done the prune filling. I don’t mess with a sure thing and I don’t fix what isn’t broke.

    Speaking of which I do need to epoxy that broken pottery. A few wall plaques, some garden mushroom stakes and a flower pot or two. They’ve been piling up and it needs to be addressed now.

  2. Wow! Mom and I have missed a lot! She went on vacation last week, and fell flat on her face on an asphalt road and broke her nose! Spent 6 hours in the ER and, believe me, she looked like hell when she came home. Black eyes and a large swollen nose. But, luckily, there was not much pain after the initial shock of it. Most of the swelling is gone and the bruises are fading. Now she has to see an ENT doctor to see if it is healing ok or will need surgery.

    ML! Your yard and flowers sound amazing as does your sewing machine collection. If Mom ever goes back to California, she is coming your way to see some of this amazing stuff.

    1. Thanks. I really wish we had a way to share photos and links. It does no good to post them somewhere else as without links they can’t be seen and I can’t post photos directly here either.


  3. Also love all the dog tattoos. She, of course, does not have a dog tattoo (or any tattoo for that matter) and I would throw a hissing fit if she chose a dog instead of a cat for the art.

  4. Big Tony’s mom. Hope you are feeling better that does not sound like fun at all

    ML — everything sounds delicious. As to hamantashen, the correct time of year ranges from late February to late March. The holiday they are made in celebration of is Purim (think Queen Esther), which falls on 14 Adar on the Jewish calendar but can move around quite a bit year-to-year on the Gregorian calendar. The Jewish calendar is more lunar based and also has a leap month every few years, which makes things even more interesting.

    We are looking at senior heat dome next week here on the East Coast. For the DC area, the word is that it will be the hottest week in eight years. And it is still technically spring. At least through Friday. But nice tonight at least.

    1. Thanks for the info. Obviously I missed it by a few months again. I likely won’t bother to wait until next February-March. I might try to give myself some sort of alert for Purim if there is a way to do it without having to manually check periodically.

      We have a mini heat thing going on now. Will break tomorrow but might come back. As we all know, the climate isn’t as predictable as it used to be. I did hear our summer will be hotter, drier and longer this year but again, who knows?

      I don’t care what the calendar says. It’s Summer NOW!

  5. Greetings!

    Big Tiny: Yikes! I hope your Mom feels better soon and does not need surgery.

    WTAFP: We here in this neck of the woods will be feeling your pain as far as the heat this week. Today was a perfect day, and tomorrow will be too. Stay cool!

  6. BigTiny’s mom, take care! Heal quickly! Oh my!
    I just started “Delusion” by Pete. My book clubs take a hiatus during summer so I can catch up on the books I got when they were on sale. I think I kept putting this one at the bottom of the list as it is categorized as a prison tale. Of course, I am already hooked and flipping pages like a wild woman. Bahamas mentioned in this one, too!
    We are having a cool respite today and tomorrow, but then temperatures will soar again. Ick.

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