Technical Issues Today

I was trying to post the fact that the audio version of The Right Side is on sale – 60% off till the end of the month. That should fix the inflation problem. I was going to add that Susan Bennett (first voice of Siri) did a fine narrating job. But it looks like something called permalink stands in my way. Here – maybe – is the connection.


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  1. I was able to see the offer on Facebook, plus listen to a free sample. I just love this book! Maybe because we are a military family. And, of course, the DOG!
    I also loved the apercus discussion yesterday. I love Spanish. Part of why we visit Mexico each winter, so I can bone up. (Did that phrase get your attention, Chet?). And, ML, it IS ‘cediya’, like Yama, the Peruvian camel cousin.
    Just baked another loaf of sourdough. Poor HP can’t have any because of his gum surgery. I will slice and freeze some for later. He is enjoying your suggestions, ML! Especially the ice cream hint.

    1. More than you wanted to know about the ç.

      “A cedilla (/sɪˈdɪlə/ sih-DIH-lə; from Spanish cedilla, “small ceda”, i.e. small “z”), or cedille (from French cédille, pronounced [sedij]), is a hook or tail ( ¸ ) added under certain letters as a diacritical mark to modify their pronunciation. In Catalan (where it is called trenc), French, and Portuguese (where it is called a cedilha) it is used only under the letter c (forming ç), and the entire letter is called, respectively, c trencada (i.e. “broken C”), c cédille, and c cedilhado (or c cedilha, colloquially). It is used to mark vowel nasalization in many languages of sub-Saharan Africa, including Vute from Cameroon.

      This diacritic is not to be confused with the ogonek (◌̨), which resembles the cedilla but mirrored. It looks also very similar to the diacrital comma, which is used in the Romanian and Latvian alphabets, and which is misnamed “cedilla” in the Unicode standard.”

      Apparently in French and Portuguese you do pronounce the L, even in Spanish except Catalan where they give it a totally different name.

      The only word I have ever used it with is façade so I knew it was an S sound and I knew it was French but that was it until grammar school yesterday.

  2. Amazon only has it free with Audible membership and I won’t buy a membership. I have only bought three audio books on Audible and downloaded them. Two Mr. Andrew Cotter books for Olive and Mabel and one other book about dogs (fiction).

    I usually buy the audio CDs so I have them permanently.

    It’s National Eat What You Want day.

    It is also DOG MOM DAY. I can’t wait to see what Diana and Freyja made me for breakfast and got me for my special day.

    1. Bring up the keypad, then hold down on the letter and you will get a choice of which letter you want. For C one of them has the cedille. On a laptop, hit the option key before the letter you want. Option c gets you ç. You can capitalize it by adding the shift key. Ç

      Option e = é., u – ü, a = å. Works on the numbers too. 2 gets you ™, a favorite of mine. There is also ¢ from the 4 and £ from the 3. If you hold down the option key and the shift key you get a whole bunch more. It’s fun to just go through the keyboard playing with the option and shift key to see what you get.

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