Pop Quiz

How about a pop quiz today? By now some of you have read Up On The Woof Top, the new Chet and Bernie Christmas/holiday mystery. Timmy is a character who has a small role on the story. Any idea why I picked that name? There may or may not be a prize for this.

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  1. Good morning. I haven’t read Up On yet so I guess it has something to do with A Christmas Carol character. Surely Timmy isn’t in a well waiting for Chet to reduce him a la Lassie?
    Is one allowed guesses on a pop quiz?

  2. Greetings!

    Bluecat: I haven’t read “Woof Top” yet either, but we are thinking on the same wavelength. :^)

    Big Tiny: Glad that you didn’t mind sharing your page with your Mom.

    WTAFP: I couldn’t resist putting Ms. Abbie on the cover.

    Special note: To those receiving calendars, I can not take credit for the ornaments. They were sent to you by a Plunderer who will perhaps reveal themselves on this here blog.

    Make today awesome!

  3. Happy Friday, friends! We are waiting for the guys to come and install the Christmas lights on the house! Quite a few people in the neighborhood have theirs up already. We love how it makes the house look festive!

    Wose! If the ornament provider doesn’t reveal himself/herself, you will have to let us know. It was a wonderful addition to the calendar.

  4. Has Rio made it yet? Someone may have to walk him through it. I know it really helped Mom when y’all posted about the steps on the other blog.

  5. So, no one guessed Timmy because of Tiny Tim in the original A Christmas Carol? I did get far enough for Bernie and Chet to be staying in Cratchit House and there is also a Dickens cottage so…..

  6. It was sure nice to see the quilt on yesterday’s post. I am slowly figuring this blog out. I was glad to see Queen B made it over. Now to see if I can get Dawson here too.

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