Meet Demelza!

The random # generator speaks: “Demelza!” Whoa! I unplug it and plug it in again. “Demelza!” That makes Demelza (described in the caption as wanting to “moove into friend of the month status”) Chet’s FB friend of the month for June. Has there been a solar flare or something like that? But rules are rules! Demelza will be the profile pic as soon as IT shows up and Demelza’s human companion gets a signed copy of the latest Chet and Bernie novel, in this case Up on the Woof Top. Next month this could be you. Just post a pic to the FB page. R#G does the rest! Anything can happen!

4 Comments on “Meet Demelza!”

  1. Greetings!

    Moo-Yah! Congratulations, Demelza! I can’t wait to hear all about you. Yours should be an interesting story. :^)

    As for the PFOM, I love this pretty photo from WTAFP. And who is that I see in the distance…Franklin!

    Good day to all!

  2. Well, rules don’t specify species and if Demelza qualifies Demelza it is. Call her an Alternate Dog. Much like my two are Alternate Cats.

    It is National Olive day. I knew I should have bought that jar at the store yesterday.

    Also National Hazelnut Cake day and I sure wish I had some. All I’ve got is a chocolate ganache cheese cake slice in the refrigerator. That will have to do. I think I have some hazelnut butter around to make cookies but not the same as cake. Have a glass of milk with it for World Milk day.

    I’m sure in honor of Demelza it is National Prairie day, honoring her cousins, the Bison and other prairie dwellers like the alternate dogs and the Sage Grouse.

  3. Demelza, I envy your gorgeous eyelashes! Chet will love you! I promise he won’t bite your ankles. That’s another breed entirely.

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