Meelo, CEO of Lunar Imperial, plays a role in A FAREWELL TO ARFS (coming Aug. 6, pre-orders welcome). Here he is explaining things to Bernie:

“I know the IQ of each and every Lunar Imperial employee, from the zenith to the nadir, the nadir currently occupied by Leo Ramirez, IQ 112.”

“That’s the lowest?” Bernie said.

“But perfectly adequate for Mr. Ramirez’s job as an assistant in the shipping department. At the zenith we have me at 199. That’s no secret. It’s been on the front page of the New York Times. The IQ of the reporter of that piece—I have access to the IQ’s of over two billion earthlings, with my database expanding at the rate of ten thousand per hour—was 107.” Meelo shook his head. “Journalistic IQ’s are shocking. But they do explain so much. Holger Niberg’s IQ is 166, by the way. Let’s say that your own is 115, and I’m being generous. Do you see what you’re up against?”

“How could I?” Bernie said.

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  1. BTW, I just printed the pages about contributors from the Cookbook and put them in the calendar I got from Rose. I am fascinated by the history of the Plunderers! Thanks again, Maury (aka Ted Danson) and Rose, for sending the e-book to me.
    Are there other blog followers besides ML and me who have joined since those early days?

      1. I have tons of them. Let me know if you ever want some more. A replacement for my old, dying desktop computer has been ordered. When it is up and running, and my friend has helped me move all my files, I can send my favorites without having to retype them.

        1. If it’s dying get an external harddrive and back up asap and then daily. I do mine about once a month but it’s getting older and I may go to once a week. If it was behaving funny I would do once a day.

          I actually have our favorites at laiuppa dot com

          Just scroll down to Our Favorite Recipes. I have made some modifications to some of them since posting and can no longer edit since Apple’s updated OS barred 16 bit and I lost all of my expensive Adobe software. I refuse to pay Adobe for a subscription to continue to edit my webpage.

          1. ML, I love your web site! If your family is Sicilian, how do you have Swedish and German recipes? I have lived in both places. I use a ricer for my spaetzle as I never learned the roller method. You are one fascinating lady!
            My computer is so old it no longer supports newer versions of AOL, and other apps. David, because of Parkinson’s, has lost his computer skills, so a friend helped me figure out a new all-in-one to order and it is on its way to me. Then said friend will help me move my files, etc.

          2. My Father is Sicilian. My Mother is German.

            My Mother has a spätzlebrett and learned as a girl but was never very good so never made noodles. I decided I would learn. I’m not very good but that is because I lack practice. You can only eat so much spätzle. My favorite is käsespätzle. In our house the entrées were Italian but the desserts were German. Plus U.S. stuff like pineapple upsidedown cake and all sorts of pies.

  2. I think there have been some since I came but didn’t stay long.

    Wose. What about a retrospective calendar with photos of Plunderers past and present, grouped by Houses, like Game of Thrones?

    1. ML, I agree with you. When OFA mentioned the blog on the Facebook page, I think I was not the only curious fan who looked at the log, but I have never seen them here since.

  3. But the key is, what is Chet’s IQ? Or should that be DQ, for dog quotient (not to be confused with Dairy Queen).

    And Rebecca, thank you for the compliment but you may be the only person in the world who would mistake me for Ted Danson. I am flattered.

  4. I don’t think Chet has been considered in Bernie’s I.Q. While there isn’t really an I.Q. test of ranking for dogs, I think that Chet pops Bernie’s I.Q. up considerably. After all, they are a team.

    BTW on the Wechsler 115 is considered above average. 85-114 is average.

  5. Greetings!

    After some pretty severe weather last night (a possible water spout was spotted in my neck of the woods), today was a picture perfect day.

    As for the calendar, Big Tiny had previously suggested a throwback calendar. Grizz has an external drive where all of the pictures I have saved from the blog and our trip to Alaska have been archived. I will have to ask him to help me with that. Sounds like a project for a rainy weekend.

    Good afternoon to all!

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