Dog Tattoos Are A Thing?

I have a lot to learn. Anyone have one? Send in a pic!

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  1. The tattoos are remarkable, but, heavens to Betsy, look at the ears on that little dog dude! What breed could that be?
    Jilly had her teeth cleaned yesterday. What an ordeal for the poor little girl…and her mommy! I already brush her teeth and give her a Greenie after supper. Any other ideas to keep her choppers sparkly? Besides the trauma, the procedure cost $665.02! Yikes!

  2. That looks like a Fennec Fox, not a dog.

    Those leg tattoos must be fairly recent as no color fading or blurring. Otherwise I would guess they were those decals you can get.

    Found the tattoo photo on a website for a parlor in San Francisco but not sure that they did it but just fount it on the internet. From the tattoo on the hand I’m thinking, maybe Russia. I know they keep a lot of pet foxes in Russia. Not an easy pet and the Fennec Fox not a good pet at all for the fox’s sake. It is also possible that is a Zoo employee as there are more tattoos than just the foxes. A variety a zoo employee might choose.

    A Fennec Fox was surrendered to the Oakland Zoo that was purchased from a breeder. They are illegal as pets in California and more than half of U.S. states (illegal in all western states) and those that allow it may require permits.

    They make very poor pets.

    Definition of fox: Dog hardware with cat software.

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