Deux Amis

In yesterday’s FB comments Jan Sniderman mentioned she liked the name of the tiny bayou island where Chet and Bernie find some clues in The Sound and the Furry. Which, by the way, is on sale (the digital version) for $1.99 for this entire month! Perhaps a cheap way to introduce someone to the Chet and Bernie series? Just a thought. But back to the point—although I’ve discussed character names here with various Ms. and Mrs. Publicists I’ve never gotten into place names. Some of the place names in the series are real—Arizona, for example. But some are made up, and when you make things up, as with the character names, you can sometimes light a little afterglow. The name of the tiny island (perhaps seen in the middle distance on the book jacket) is Isle des Deux Amis. For those unfamiliar with French it means Island of Two Friends.