Sunday? Beginnings! Since Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge is on digital sale till the end of May – $2.99! – how about we look at its beginning? It doesn’t start with Mrs. Plansky, who doesn’t appear until Chapter Two (same format as Hamlet!).

“Hello, it is I, your grandson, insert name here,” said Dinu.

“Correct,” said Professor Bogdan, language teacher at Liceu Teoretic. He leaned back in his chair and lit up a Chesterfield. “But too correct, you know?”

Too correct? Dinu did not know. In addition, he was asthmatic and the mere presence of a cigarette aroused a twitchy feeling in his lungs. No smoking in school, of course, but these private lessons, paid for by Uncle Dragomir, weren’t about school.

Professor Bogdan blew out a thin, dense stream of smoke, one little streamlet branching off and heading in Dinu’s direction. “There is English, Dinu, and then there is English as she is spoken.” He smiled an encouraging smile. His teeth were yellow, shading into brown at the gumline.

“English is she?” Dinu said.

12 Comments on “Beginnings”

  1. Happy Mother’s day for those that are.

    Happy National Nutty Fudge day for those that aren’t and are.

    It is also National Limerick day for those that wish to indulge.

    Here’s a start:

    A lady by name, Mrs Plansky

    Was diddled of dough by a Scamsky,

    She vowed to track down,

    Romania bound

    Retrieving her money or damnsky.

  2. ML — you are a real pro when it comes to limericks; I am in awe. But a challenge is a challenge and I have to try. So here we go:

    There once was a woman named Loretta

    To her foes, she was determined to get ya

    Her cycling skills amaze

    Certainly no ordinary craze

    And in hot pursuit it was quite the vendetta

  3. Don’t know much geography.
    Read books to get a clue, you see.
    Romania bids
    To where Dinu hids
    The money he scammed from Plansky.

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