Sunday? Therefore beginnings, where we take a look at the start of one of my novels. Last week we did Arf, first in my #BowserandBirdie #middlegrade mystery series. So today, Bow Wow, which came next:

A car beeped outside our house at 19 Gentilly Lane. Beep beep. The beep beep of a horn hurts my ears in a way you probably wouldn’t understand, since my sense of hearing is a lot different from yours. I didn’t say better than yours, so don’t be upset. But just between you and me, it is better! I hear sounds humans don’t hear all time! For example, that drip drip drip, right now, under the kitchen sink? Down in the cupboard with all the cleaning supplies, including some tasty sponges? But never mind the sponges. The point is someone should do something to stop that drip drip drip – except they won’t because they don’t even hear it. There’s going to be a big puddly mess, and soon!

The humans in our family all turned to me: Birdie, Mama, Grammy. “What the heck is that blasted barking about?” Grammy said.

Someone was barking?