My writing for kids came up recently—about a dozen books if we include young adult and my one picture book. Since Sunday is for beginnings (where we check out try start of a Peter Abrahams novel including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker™) how about we do Woof, first is the Bowser and Birdie series?

Two humans stood outside my cage, a white-haired woman and a gum-chewing kid. Gum-chewing is one of the best sounds out there, and the smell’s not bad either. I liked the kid from the get-go.

They gazed in at me. I gazed out at them. The white-haired woman had blue eyes, washed out and watery. The kid’s eyes were a bright, clear blue, like the sky on a cloudless day. I hadn’t seen the sky in way too long.

“How about this one, Grammy?” the kid said.