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Many thanks to Kristi Murdock for telling us a little more about Ziva, Chet’s April Friend of the Month, and therefore our FB profile pic till May. A signed book always goes to the human companion. In May that could be you! Just send in a pic. The random number generator takes it from there.

“I’d love a copy of Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge, which I haven’t yet read and very much look forward to. Ziva just turned 11, and attended 8 years of Jr. College but never graduated because she kept changing her major, let that be a lesson. She is a registered Therapy Dog and has titles in Nosework and other sports but is enjoying retirement and traveling the continent in a cozy motorhome. Ziva loves a good Mystery and especially enjoys Chet and Bernie but does feel Chet shares a certain, um, impulsiveness with her Padawan, Gabe. TY!”

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  1. Wow. Ziva has my nephew beat. He spent six years in Community College and I’m still not sure he has the AA degree he claims he has because he has a tendency to lie. Actually more than a tendency.

    Diana pawPrints was just starting her Nosework when Covid hit. She was just getting her first levels but hadn’t completed them in NACSW or AKC. She had her AKC Star Puppy and was ready to start her Canine Good Citizen, which was required to enter the therapy dog program. It was over two years before they started that up again and by that time Diana was three and we had Freyja and Freyja cannot be left alone so all of that was abandoned. I think Diana would have made an awesome therapy dog and continued her Nosework levels too. I suppose you could say Diana is retired and just enjoying life with Freyja and guarding the property from serial chain saw murderers disguised as delivery people and “innocent” pedestrians.

    I’ll bet Ziva loves the motorhome and all of the adventures she experiences. Now that is a thought. Would Mrs. Plansky go on a cross country adventure in a motor home? Would she leave Dad behind or take him along?

    It is National Walking Day and I’m sure we have some furries that would love to join us and we can all enjoy National Find a Rainbow day. They should not be allowed to indulge in National Chocolate Mousse day.

    Hopefully OFA is partaking of Don’t Go to Work Unless it is Fun day. I’ll be every day is fun.

    For our Bernie; A Drop of Water is a Grain of Gold day. The aquifer always of concern.

  2. I want to hear more about the sidekick, Gabe! Impulsive, you say? He might just fit right in with the mischievous rapscallions aka Thieves!

  3. Sidekicks! Our Protege and her Accomplice want sidekicks of their very own. Somehow, and we’re furry on the details, they snuck in three chickens as their sidekicks. They named them Hearsay, Alibi and Audacity.

  4. Things beyond control…funny, the same has been said about us. No idea why…

    We think they are inside job chickens! Howie and Hazel have their hearts set on teaching them everything thing they need to know about being dogs.

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