You’re Entertaining!

Thanks for all the funny comments yesterday! I intend to invoke the Philadelphia clause at every opportunity. The post was the official introduction of the cover of A Farewell to Arfs, the next Chet and Bernie novel, coming August 6, pre-orderable now. The nephelococcygia element in the upper left corner  appeared completely by accident, according to the Forge Books art dept. I take it for a sign! Even – going was too far, no surprise there – a seal of approval.

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  1. Exactly! A seal of approval! Dare I say, accolades for the newest Chet and Bernie adventure? Why not? Those folks at Forge know what they’re talking about, my friend!

  2. Excellent news, OFA! We are going to add the “OFA was in Philadelphia” to our list of defense strategies.

    Rebecca: we are starting to think you’re talking about us when mentioning mischievous little hellions. We will add it to our business cards. It will follow lovable miscreants, a title given to us by a Plunderer who passed away in 2014. She is missed.

  3. Okay.

    But I still see a big, white polar bear with the shadows of a running Chet and Iggy on its side. Granted Iggy looks more like a Chihuahua but I will blame that on a bad cut at the groomers.

    Well, the worst of it is over. I do have about an inch of water covering the low spots on the brick patio but that will drain off. Diana has considered it a YUGE water bowl and is drinking the water. Well, it is “clean” rain water. The worst of it was about noon with a heavy but short downpour and then it lightened up. Her food bowl was completely full to the brim and that is about 3 inches.

    I let the dogs out but too late. Diana was fine but I suspect Freyja couldn’t go 16 hours without a potty break. Diana has a bladder of cast iron, plus she doesn’t get up in the night so I know it wasn’t her. I should have remembered about Freyja. She’s usually pretty good but 16 hours is a bit too long for her. I think I have a roll of brown packing paper I can lay down as I know they will be coming in for an overnighter again this week. If not, I do have some cardboard boxes I can cut up. I don’t blame her given her history. I’m sure my poor, sweet girl was worried she might be punished as she was very clingy this morning and then didn’t want to go through the hallway to the dining room and out the kitchen door.

    Well, it couldn’t be helped. Not her fault really.

    The worst of it is over until the next one. It’s only the beginning of February so I’m sure we’ll get another Atmospheric River or two before the summer drought begins.

    Speaking of not her fault, that brings to mind puppies. Is anyone contemplating adding to their pack? Or perhaps a rescue? Is Franklin yearning for an Eleanor?

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