Two Winks

So back to yesterday’s post on Wink Martindale. Many thanks for all the info – and corrections! – that turned up in yesterday’s FB comments. For one thing I got his job wrong – he was the defensive, not the offensive coach of the Giants. And in NFL speak not defensive coach but defensive coordinator. NFL language is very corporate. I think it’s a way of insinuating the idea that their brawny product is also brainy. There’s perhaps a rough analogue to the way what I regard as McKinsey talk – and McKinsey think – has taken over the minds of a lot of highly educated people. It’s all about qunatifying everything – especially those parts of life that I prefer to believe are unquantifiable. Sam Bankman-Fried is the apotheosis. But meanwhile I also gave short shrift to Wink Martindale the First, former game show host. This is the promised land of 2 Winks!