Tiberius and Angel (Still More)

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We picked up Angel (the Devil Dog) when we were running the ESSCM Rescue. We had just had to put down our first springer, Shelby, and were really not looking for another … but when we checked her out, she took US home. Our two ‘two legged’ kids wanted her so bad!
She was over a year old and had had a couple of owners because …
Angel was a RUNNER … you don’t know the number of times we had to chase her around our community (very few fences). But fences didn’t bother her … much … she would just climb the cyclone fences when we boarded her with family.
Now the boy was originally named Stache (as in mustache) because of the marking on his right side of his nose. But I am Polish and didn’t want to call him STASH (short for Stanley). I woke up … maybe the next day and exclaimed “TIBERIUS”. My wife thought I was having a fit, but I said it would be the boy’s new name! She asked where I got it and I said “J. Tiberius K.”. She didn’t get it so I said “James T. Kirk” (I am a Trekker). Teri said we could call him Tiber!
Friends & breeders said that the BOY would become dominant (though younger and smaller). Angel would NOT let that happen.
Angel NEVER was a lap dog … you spent more energy holding her on your lap than it was worth. BUT … the day after Tiber (a puppy) joined our family, he jumped on one of our laps in the recliner. Angel BARKED and GROWLED and immediately took over the lap … and became a LAP DOG at that moment.
Tiber was a gift / loan from a dear friend who was a breeder of ESSs and a member of our club. She needed to place one of her many puppies in a home and thought we would be great.
That gift was so precious for the 14 years the “Old Man” was with us.

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  1. Wose: We have, er, engaged Angel in the finer things on This Side of the Bridge. It might surprise you to know that there are very few fences here, too. No fences is part of the Bridge’s charm. Whitey-Lance and Angel hit it off immediately, what with having a lot in common about roaming, wandering, running and what not.

    Good morning, B! Head bumps!

  2. Greetings!

    Tiber and Angel had such an interesting story!

    Thieves! Finer things meaning Slim Jims, hot wings and cannonballs into a big vat ‘o beer? ;^)

    Good afternoon to all!

  3. WTAFP: Oh, trust us, your are a key component of being easily forgiven part. Truthfully, it all hinges on the hitching up of your legal briefs.

    More WTAFP: On an unrelated note, we’re planning ahead of things that it’s better you don’t have prior knowledge about at this moment. With that in mind, we’re about to order a pallet of Slim Jims. Is there a certain flavor you’d like us to order?

  4. WTAFP: Sorry I missed National Golden Retriever Day but it was Doggy Date Nite and I let the girls have the run of the front yard, their favorite thing and kept them company digging up a weed and another rosebush sucker.

    Tiberius sounds like quite the gentleman and just what was needed to teach Angel the joys of lap sitting. I’m sure she thought it was all her idea but I suspect Tiberius knew what he was doing all along.

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