Tiberius and Angel (More)

Many thanks for Teri Faillace for sending this about Tiberius and Angel, Chet’s Friends of February. (Sad to see they’re no longer among the living – RIP.)

“Also, about these two adorable dogs: Both Tiberius and Angel are no longer with us, but they lived good, long lives (Tiber made it to 16 and Angel 14), and were much loved and spoiled. We rescued Angel, kept her name, and she was most definitely NOT an Angel–an escape artist and a food thief. Tiberius was a Gentleman’s Gentleman and followed us everywhere. His name reflects our love of Star Trek, from the OG captain, James Tiberius Kirk. We called him Tiber for short. This photo is my favorite of the two of them together and they will live on forever in our hearts. And, no, they were not sad; they were just relaxed and chilling at that moment.”

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  1. A little frosting on the cake of being in heaven, welcome to CFOTM club, you two! May you play with all our beloved doges who are there with you!

  2. Greetings!

    What a nice story.

    Angel, keep your eye out for the Thieves! as you roam the Bridge. You sound like you would make the perfect partner-in-crime for them. ;^)

    Good Friday to all!

  3. A lovely way to commemorate their lives and keep their memories alive. Friends of Chet for life. The internet is forever.

    Tiberius sounds a bit like my Ramses. He was also a lovely gentleman.

    I have no escape artists but my Caesar was a counter surfer and did get out once to go visiting the neighbors. Both Diana and Freyja are opportunists, Freyja closer to the ground and Diana on tables and counters because she is just that tall and they are nose/eye height. I’m sure Freyja would be an escape artist if I let her but being part Husky I have made sure the yard is secure.

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