The Food of Love

I happened to hear My Funny Valentine yesterday (Rodgers and Hart). Love the song, and this instrumental version by a combo led by Ben Webster (what can you say about him!) was beautiful. The song comes up in Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge. I’ll soon be starting her second adventure (just waiting for a sign!).

Norm gazed at her, his eyes now deep in his skull and getting deeper, but she could still see him way down in there, her Norm. He began to sing My Funny Valentine. Norm was a terrible singer– although he did a lot of singing during the course of an average day – scratchy, out of tune, unstable in pitch – but this one time, two days from death, as it turned out, and until he’d run out of oxygen, he’d sung like an angel, or, to be more specific, Tony Bennett.

(The graphic is the UK cover art.)