The Food of Love (More)

Yesterday’s Chet and Bernie music trivia question—What song is mentioned the most in the series?—was a bit of a trick question. A number of you got If You Were Mine (BillieHoliday) but only Martha Meyers knew that song was tied with Death Don’t Have No Mercy (Rev. Gary Davis). Bernie has his very own taste in music, somewhat catholic. Congrats Martha!


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  1. Speaking of Billie Holiday, I recently watched a movie on TCM (Something about New Orleans) in which both Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong had roles with speaking parts. She was the maid of a rich girl in love with a gambling hall owner run out of town who in the end opened a nightclub with jazz entertainers and you guessed it, Satchmo and Billie (who were a romantic couple in the movie) ended up playing and singing. Their parts were much larger than cameos, they were integral characters to the plot. I know Billie was either advised not to take it or bristled at playing a maid but it was a good role and both she and Louis had plenty of speaking lines. I don’t remember what she sang but it wasn’t If You Were Mine. It was something about New Orleans and her mistress ended up being a famous opera singer and she sang it at a concert. Billie’s character was always playing the piana and singing the song when the family was out of the house. Satchmo was in a band that played at the gambling place and ended up playing at the jazz club. Don’t remember if their characters married during the film or not. It wasn’t a bad film for it’s time and I rather enjoyed it, more for it’s minor characters than the main ones and main plot.

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    RIO! I have been hearing on the news about tornadoes in your neck of the woods. I hope that all youse are safe, and that your little house is okay.

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