Thank You, Readers!

Readers sometimes send in photos like this. I like that a lot. Without readers …

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  1. That looks like a pretty well worn copy. I can see the appeal.

    It is National Truffle day. Not the fungus type, the chocolate type. Also National Scurvy Awareness day so here, have a tangerine, with a chocolate chaser.

    It is also World Tuna day and National Play your Ukelele day.

    This Saturday is SDHumane’s Walk for the Animals Day. The Wonder Puppies are signed up and if you’ve donated in the past you might have gotten an e-mail since the posting of links here is so hit and miss. But I will try.

    support dot sdhumane dot org slash goto slash wonderpuppies

    You can also surf around the sdhumane site for wonderful stories on the work they do. They have a channel on YouTube to but no way am I going to try to post that.

    Please consider a donation for a worthy cause.

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