Stripers Galore!

Fishing for striped bass on Father’s Day with son and son-in-law. Fish pics must be shown – I believe that’s in the Constitution. This one was too big under current regs and was back in the drink two seconds later.

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  1. Greetings!

    I know nothing about fishing, but that striped bass is a beauty. Looks like the day was a beauty too!

    Big Tiny: I hope your mom is on the mend.

    Create a good day!

  2. Wow that is some fish. Too BIG to keep? Really? I thought the rule was too small and they had to go back. Not too big, not too small but just right. Are you fishing or living a fairy tale? I guess a little of both.

    That fish looks like he knows he’s too big to keep and is just smiling for the camera before going back in the drink. Like he’s done this before.

    At first I thought the post was a typo and it was Strippers Galore, but I guess that would be more of a Bernie Father’s day. On the job, of course.

    It is Take Your Cat to Work day and National Eat Your Vegetables day. I understand that cats are not fans of vegetables. Diana pawPrints and Freyja Grey are big fans. In fact, last summer they stole a cucumber off the vine and then ate it. I think they ate my one and only cantaloupe as it was there one day, almost ripe and ready to pick and the next it was gone. Probably my fault for giving them zucchini. They developed a taste for fresh produce.

    For those of us less inclined, it is also National Apple Strudel day.

  3. Franklin and Teddy are not vegetable fans, but Wookie (and his best friend, the next door golden named Casey) loved asparagus. Indeed there was a period where they in effect had asparagus buffet, because we had planted asparagus a few years before, but it takes about three years for them to mature enough for decent human consumption. Unfortunately, that did not last too long as the asparagus patch is no more, compliments of a serious wrestling match that Wookie and Casey once had, which pretty well wiped the asparagus out.

  4. WTAFP! Back in the day, we on the blog had a nickname for auto correct mistakes. What was it? Think it started with otter?
    Inquiring minds want to be reminded😃

  5. I’m glad they have such strong catch and release rules with fishing. Too small or too big back in the water. And the keep slot is pretty tight.

    WTAFP! Yes! We used to fuss about the blasted otter a lot!

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