Song For Chet

This is the song that came out of Heart of Barkness, thanks to Bob Edwards who produced and made it happen. Mitch Watkins wrote the music and played most of the instruments. The fiddle solo is by the great Gene Elders. I handled the words. Fun things can happen in life!

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  1. Aren’t some of the pooches from the Plunderers? Some look like doggos from the calendar. The song and video were just what I needed today. Vacations are supposed to renew you, but re-entry with backed up mail, things missing from luggage searched and delayed at customs, and, this morning, with 5 loads of laundry, a dead dryer! Sorry for the Whine.

  2. The golden retriever rolling on the ground at about 40 seconds into the video Is Teddy Roosevelt Ruff Rider, Franklin Delano’s predecessor in our home, and the cat belongs to Staff (who is also the person in the video). another long time blog participant. Franklin is Teddy’s half brother (eight years apart though) but they do look a lot alike.

    1. Today is TEDDY Day. Okay, so they’re talking about the Steiff, Herman, Gund sorts of Teddys but I’ll bet Teddy was just as huggable. Plus he could kiss back.

      Teddy is immortalized in Chet’s song. They all are as the internet is forever. Pretty much. I like that a Cat was Involved.

        1. I have a LOT of Steiff (and a few Hermann and Gund) as I’ve been a member of the Steiff Club since it started in the U.S. I’m not collecting so much any more and have so many I really should start to reduce the Hug. Also have other Steiff like bunnies, horses, even a lovely camel. Some are easily set free but some I will be keeping for a long time to come.

          1. Steiff creatures really are works of art! I, too, have the camel, Hansl & Gretl bears, a grizzly, a bunny, a leopard, a big and a little foxy, and a wee chicken. I also collected Hummels and David Winters Cottages while we lived in Germany. Unfortunately, nobody wants them anymore. Since I have no children, I wonder what will become of my treasures.

  3. One dog in the video looks like TYB, and maybe one is a baby Pearl? And wasn’t there a Yuli that looks like the Komondor with his head out the window?

  4. Thieves running down the hallway? They must be the mischievous little hellions Rebecca mentioned the other day. We know for sure it wasn’t us, unless they were being pardoned for past, current and future misdeeds.

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