Show Us Your Papers!

In answer to questions: Yes, the #BowserandBirdie series is intended for younger readers – middle-grade to YA – but adults with fake ID can also read it.

13 Comments on “Show Us Your Papers!”

  1. Where can one obtain one of these aforementioned fake ID’s? Is cosmetic surgery included, so one resembles the younger version? I bet those rascally thieves could be of assistance!

  2. I didn’t need to use a fake ID. I’m short.

    Happy Earth Day.

    It is National Jelly Bean day in case you don’t like dirt.

    It is also Passover.

  3. Reba: We are happy to avail you of our services. Pick your poison. If you need a recommendation, we are quite fond of the middle-age evil pug line. It also is Howie’s favorite alias.

  4. Baseball!….My friend is recording todays game against the Snakes….sniff!….But I am so miffed at our team that I may not watch it later….growl!….This is very not true.

  5. Hi, guys! Been a little busy sorting old papers this past weekend between recycle and shred. Mom found a check for $100 from 2016. She went to the bank today just in case they would let if be deposited. Not the lucky so will be writing a letter to the old HOA from before we sold and moved to see if they will reissue. Who knows? Maybe we will get lucky.

  6. Woooo!Hoooo!…..My team came back from behind to WINNIT tonight against the Snakes (who were in the world series last season)….Woooo! ….My heart can start beating again and lets get this season going by golly….chuffle!

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