Sheriff Ziva!

Wow! So many amazing pics. The random number generator, the final and only arbiter of Chet’s Friend of the Month Club, was making some alarming noises, but finally wheezed out: “Sheriff Ziva!” That makes Sheriff Ziva the FB profile pic for April, and the sheriff’s human companion will be getting a signed copy of either Up on the Woof Top, the latest #ChetandBernie novel, or Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge. Next month this could be you! Just send in a pic to the FB page. R#G does the rest.

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  1. Greetings!

    Congratulations, Sheriff Ziva! I know I wouldn’t want to mess with you. Were named after the NCIS character Ziva David?

    Congratulations go out to Lucky, PFOM! Lucky was one of the blog’s FOM, and I really liked his picture. Lucky’s expression really embodies the term “joie de vivre.”

    Good afternoon to all!

  2. Wow. I know if I encountered Sheriff Ziva I would certainly be treading the straight and narrow.

    Does this mean the Thieves will be keeping a low profile this month?

  3. Mlaiuppa: Big Tiny actually suggested a throwback calendar a while back. I like the idea. As far as the text goes, I am pretty limited as to what I can add in relation to the picture I use. I could probably get more text in, but I would have to sacrifice the size of the picture.

  4. We are worrit that Ziva is working for Beau. Yeep!

    Our Lady reminded us that it is a year ago today that Nana crossed the Bridge. Because we’re not big fans and April Fools Day, today is to honor Nana.

    1. It is Community Garden Week and Nature Day. When my forever dog, Caesar, died I built a garden under the dining room window where he loved to lay.

      It is also National One Cent day so a penny for your thoughts of Nana.

  5. Nana!…Yes! Today is Nana’s day. Let us all lift a glass of whatever you want to drink to her!!….snorkel!….She was particularly fond of wine…heh!…My friend adored her and drank many glasses of wine with her in Alaska at the Hobbits House….chuffle!

    1. I still have some spiced Gluhwein left over from Christmas. If I warm it up a bit and add some cinnamon I can make a toast, even though I never met her.

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