Reading on a Saturday

Maybe on Saturday a little bit of a read?

She tied it nice and tight, secured with a half hitch, then got one leg over the sill, as Max had done. Well, not with the ease or speed, or grace, no fooling herself about that. Not too much later she was sitting astride the sill, her body with absolutely no idea of how to get fully outside and turned around. Meanwhile her new hip was not liking this position at all, fast on the way to finding it intolerable. With the rope around her waist what was the worst that could happen? It would be different, of course, if she’d tied the rope around her neck, but she’d been too savvy for that. Mrs. Plansky realized for the first time in her life that there was a strand of goofiness in her makeup, had been there from the start. Her mind was still occupied with this revelation as she got her inside leg over to the outside somehow or other and started down, a somewhat controlled fall partly broken by her hands trying to squeeze the rope as it slipped rapidly through them, by her low-heeled booties scrabbling for traction against the façade, and finally by Max, catching her in his arms. He was too much of a gentleman even to grunt.

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  1. I think I could do that. Did a little semi-rappelling on a camping trip in my youth.

    May the 4th be with you! Get the turntable out and give those 45s a spin too.

    Is a certain pug aware it is Beer Pong day? Or does that require opposable thumbs?

    It is International Respect for Chickens day so I will assume also Romania where some of Mrs Plansky takes place. It is also National Scrapbooking day and I have to wonder if Mrs Plansky made a scrapbook of her adventures.

    For those in appropriate areas it is National Start Seeing Monarchs day. That would be butterflies, not Royals.

    It is National Herb day and Naked Gardening day so plant those naked herbs but make sure you are dressed appropriately.

    Today is SDHumane’s Walk for the Animals Day but you don’t have to walk today. You can pick another day and walk any place you like for as long as you like. The Wonder Puppies are signed up and if you’ve donated in the past you might have gotten an e-mail since the posting of links here is so hit and miss. But I will try.

    support dot sdhumane dot org slash goto slash wonderpuppies

    You can surf around the sdhumane site for wonderful stories on the work they do. They have a channel on YouTube to but you’ll have to search for it because of the link thing.

    Please consider a donation for a worthy cause.

  2. I did some rappelling at Ft. Campbell, KY, when we were stationed there. David’s commander thought it would be good for distaff to get a taste of what our hubbies
    were doing. A bit scary, my friend! Good on ya, Loretta!
    Kentucky Derby 150 is in the history books. Congrats, Mystik Dan! Those roses look good on you!

  3. Mom and I watched the Derby. It was a very exciting finish. Since we didn’t have a favorite picked out, it was fun to watch the race develop. It was so close!!

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