Pressure Drop

Someone recently commented about the pressure in a job like mine. I appreciate that but any pressure is dwarfed by the fact that I love doing it. Not just the writing but also the communication part. With readers! I’m not doing this in a vacuum. Here I am in college, totally unprepared for all that was coming.

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  1. We just saw the sad news about Freyja. Nnnoooooo! Please say it isn’t so. We were certain she would continue to advance. Sniff! Permission to be disappointed?

    1. Yes, I think everyone else was doing what we were; voting for the lesser photo to take out the competition. Freyja was just too darn cute for her own good.

      I’m thinking it is going to end up between the goat and the tortoise, neither of which I would call cute.

    1. Yes, yes she was. But it is my fault for refusing to do Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or TikTok to amass a huge base of meaningless “friends” to enlist to vote. I’m only on two forums so my “fan base” is very small. I was hoping her cuteness would bring in those without any horse in the race or to gather in those already eliminated but it didn’t happen. Still, she did a lot better than I expected. She made it to round three.

    1. Oh, and it is National Pencil Day. I’m sure OFA has written down to the nub many a pencil. A pencil can write up to 45,000 words.

      Now has OFA counted how many words he has written in his professional career?

      For the rest of us mere mortals it is National Folding Laundry Day and Turkey Neck Soup day. For me it will be make dog food day. While I still have plenty of the previous batch to get Diana past her dental surgery healing there is hamburger from on sale in the refrigerator that will need to be cooked. Freyja will get some too as a consolation prize for which she is totally clueless.

      If I catch her using the dog house I will put a framed photo of Franklin in there.

  2. I’m seriously bummed about Freya! This March Madness has not been good for Mom.. She went to three different universities (graduating from the third). The first school got eliminated in the first round, the second school got eliminated in round 2, and last night U of H got eliminated in this round. Sad☹️!

    But she is sadder that Freya did not advance!

    1. Thankfully she has no clue. Not that she was in it and not that she is out of it.

      She and Diana are busy out front warning passing pedestrians they better not even think of breathing hard on the fence or shedding one hair in our yard because they know they are really serial chain saw murderers in disguise just waiting to kill us all.

      No dog food making this weekend. I went to three stores and couldn’t get food grade bone meal and I am done. This is why brick and mortar are dying. I couldn’t get silver polish either. I guess no one owns silver? I’ll have to order both from Amazon. Say what you will, it would have saved me gas and two hours of my life if I had just ordered it last night.

      1. BTW, Freyja was four on March 6. But I’m sure Franklin like older women. He seems quite mature for his age and she is young at heart. Still has the occasional zoomie.

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