Pointe du Hoc

The 80th anniversary of D-Day. I recommend Ronald Reagan’s June 6, 1984 Pointe du Hoc speech, written by Peggy Noonan and easily found on YouTube.

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  1. D Day celebrations highlight the bravery and sacrifices made by so many American men! May we all take a moment to appreciate them and the freedom we enjoy, in part because of them.
    WATFP, did anybody ever tell you that you look a bit like Ted Danson? Waiting for more pix of the epic vaca!

    1. WTAFP, please excuse the above typo of your handle. I think I read it is an OFA given acronym of all your dogs’ initials, past and present, all named for presidents. Is that right? Wilson, Teddy, and Franklin’s Paw?

  2. She must have been quite young when she wrote that speech. She’s only four years old than I am and I remember voting against Reagan in my very first election. He was a lousy governor of the state of California and did a lot of damage that is still ongoing, especially to our education system in the state. We still haven’t recovered.

  3. Greetings!

    Just watched President Reagan’s speech. What a magnificent speech and moving tribute to those heroes and patriots who fought against tyranny and to protect freedom…The Greatest Generation.

  4. Wose — Thanks for the concern but we are okay. Gaithersburg is about 10 miles north of Chevy Chase; we had some rain here but nothing more, thankfully.

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