Oops! It looks like I jumped the gun last week. The cover reveal of the next Chet and Bernie novel (pub date Aug. 6, available for pre-order this instant) was supposed to be today! So forget that happened and don’t tell Forge Books. And now, for the first time, here it is!

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  1. Greetings!

    I never saw the cover until today…Love it! To paraphrase the adage about Vegas, what happens on this blog stays on this blog. Your secret is safe OFA. ;^)

    Make today awesome!

  2. OFA: Our legal counsel is full of helpful hints including two of our favorites: 1) deny, deny, deny and 2) we cannot recall at this time. Both of those might serve youse well. If all else fails, he accepts payment in pallets of Slim Jims.

    1. Thieves, I sure would love to see pix of you! And you know darned well who the mischievous little hellions I refer to are! I wonder if we will ever be able to post pix here…

  3. There is also the “I was in Philadelphia at the time” defense, which has been known to work wonders as well, at least in certain circumstances.

  4. Wow. That is a beautiful cover. I’ve never seen anything like it.

    Also explains why the cover on Amazon has remained the classic black I have gotten so used to.

    Well, this cover is very nice too and i suppose I can grow to love it.

    OOps. Already have.

    BTW for those following, my house didn’t get any rain last night or if it did it was a short, heavy mist that landed soundlessly on the roof. It appears everything it passing to the North and hitting L.A. hard. I’m checking the weather apps and radar maps and now it looks like I won’t be expecting any significant rain until late afternoon and into the evening. My first light sprinkle will be around 2pm. You do the math.

      1. Well, it’s almost 1:30 and I am just starting to hear drips on the roof. Light ones. This is still not what I consider rain. More like Clouds with nose drips and no Kleenex. But it is a start. They are promising it to get heavy around 5pm Pacific. Then it will be wet off and on for the rest of the week. They’ll be sleeping in the house tonight and Wednesday night.

        Your mileage may vary.

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