Odysseus and Us

Odysseus! We’re back on the moon. The Chet and Bernie series is on top of this! Here, from A Farewell to Arfs, coming August 6 and available for preorder:

“You’re colonizing the moon?”

“Let’s call it setting up shop.”

“What sort of shop?”

“Mining, of course. The moon is simply and eternally one giant potential mine, the mother lode of all mother lodes.”

Bernie glanced up at the sky, blue and cloudless. You can sometimes see the moon by day, but not now. I had the crazy idea that the moon was hiding out.

“What are you going to mine?” Bernie said.

“Water, Mr.—what was it again?”


“Water, Mr. Little. There’s water on the moon, some in the form of ice at the poles, but vastly more locked up in various compounds. Lunar Imperial already owns the technology to unlock those compounds, and after that, why, le deluge!”