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I hear you: “Oh, no, not more nephelococcygia! Give it a rest!” (Long ago my mom gave me something to read – can’t remember what it was, exactly, but the title was “Confessions of a Wild Bore.) But the thing is some of you are having trouble spotting the canine cloud on the cover of A Farewell to Arfs (the next Chet and Bernie novel, Aug. 6, pre-orderable now!). Look at the top left. Image a little rectangle with the spine side of the book on the left, Without a doubt, etc. at the top, that big A on the right, and Fare at the bottom. It’s right inside the rectangle! In addition, the cover suggests it might be monsoon season. A monsoon comes boiling in in at least one C&B (possibly A Fistful of Collars) but – spoiler alert! – not this one. There! Done!

W. Bore

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  1. So, is it the big white “polar bear” Or the two shadow dogs leaping in front of it (who I think of as Chet and Iggy)? Or is it both? Or am I just imagining dogs where simple clouds are?

    I think W. Bore should enter the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction contest. But ah, too late. I’m sure he would have nailed it, though.

    John Updike. Too bad you don’t have that miniature ltd edition. Going for $100 on Amazon. $200 if autographed.

    BTW the description sounds a lot like my nephew, who rattles on like an expert on things he is clueless about and has no awareness of people leaving the room until he is the sole occupant. Unfortunately my nephew will never have a lucid moment of self awareness and will never realize what he is or, unlike Updike, admit to it.

    1. Thank you once again, ML, for inspiring me to look beyond the obvious. I confess I have never read Updike and am now inspired to do so. Anyone who can see his own failings and admit them freely, earns my respect! And O very own FA deigns to label himself likewise, increases his standing exponentially! Of course, the label does NOT fit him, but his modesty is endearing!

  2. Greetings!

    Being visually challenged, I am still having trouble spotting the canine in the cloud. :^( I’m not good at those Magic Eye images either. Sigh.

    Good afternoon to all!

    1. Or those steps going up or down. Is it a vase or 2 profiles. Is the striped dress blue or gold. Pulse those images you hold at arms length and squint at! Eye trickery! Never you mind, Wose, your talents lie elsewhere!

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