Lots of nosework comments these days, since Mollie, Chet’s July Friend of the Month, is a nosework champ. Nosework is a feature of the Chet and Bernie series – smells abound! Here, from A Farewell to Arfs, coming August 6. Pre-orders welcome!

“Is he?” Bernie said.

“Of course not,” said Mavis. “And how did you find me? ProCon never gives out addresses.”

“And they didn’t. Let’s just say we followed our noses.”

How puzzling! We often followed my nose, never Bernie’s, and had followed neither of them this time. Hadn’t we kept Mavis in sight the whole time? That was how I remembered it. But just then my nose got a little twitchy and I began to doubt. And the next thing I knew I was sneezing, a great big powerful sneeze. Wow! Did that feel good! I forgot about everything, just waiting and hoping for another sneeze to come along. But it did not. I tried to figure out how to make a sneeze happen and got nowhere.

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