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  1. Today is Good Friday. Also National Mom and Pop business owners Day, Mermaid day and National Lemon Chiffon Cake day. So take a mermaid out to lunch at your local Mom and Pop business. Perhaps afterwards have a game of marbles for World Marbles day.

    Today is the last day to vote for Freyja for round two. Only once per e-mail address. I suppose you could ask permission from the relatives to use their e-mail addresses to vote. Thieves, note the word permission in that previous sentence.

  2. WTAFP: Would you advise us to take this permission thingy for a spin or should we stick with the bail and forgiveness routine that has served us well?

  3. Thieves. I’m a big fan of asking for permission, while recognizing that whether permission has been granted or not can often be in the eyes of the receiver.

  4. Sad News. Freyja did not make the Elite Eight. She was knocked out by the red haired shepherd mix. I was worried about that.

    Thanks to all who put in a valiant effort. I really hoped she had a chance.

  5. Mlaiuppa. Thanks for letting us know. And please let Ms Freyja know how very proud we are of her outstanding performance in the competition and that she should be very proud of her performance. And Franklin says to tell her that she will always be number one is his heart!

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