Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge

Today I’m happy to pass on that the digital version of Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge is on sale until the end of the month. $2.99! What else can you get for $2.99 these days? And the book includes a trip to Romania (in your imagination). Perhaps a good way to introduce Mrs. P to a friend? I’m writing her second adventure right now. At the moment she’s marooned on an uninhabited island.

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  1. -ML, thanks for all the great info on scent trials, and congrats on having OFA give you the recognition you so richly deserve! You are such a credit to our little blog family!
    -I had a hard time, but finally was able to order Mrs. P. Kindle edition. Love to add these great books to my personal library when they go on sale. Thanks, OFA, for letting us know when that happens.
    -Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. My sweet Huny Punkin, who has Parkinson’s, has been having intensive neurological testing, and today has gum surgery, then liquid diet. (Any hints on liquid nourishment?). Poor hubby. And he’s taking it all in stride! Love that dude. Little Jilly is taking good care of him.
    -I hope everyone is having a beautiful spring! Enjoy!

    1. Both of my parents are 94 and have dementia.

      To get some extra protein in them I would make them shakes. They wouldn’t drink the Ensure on it’s own so I would start with a base of Ensure. Then add protein powder, malted milk and a little vanilla ice cream. Yeah, I know likely too much sugar but it was also extra protein and some fat and they needed them all. I had a special blade for the blender for doing shakes and it worked very well. I could always get them to drink the shakes where I couldn’t always get them to eat something.

      I imagine the coolness will also go to soothe Huny Punkin’s poor sore gums.

      May I assume he doesn’t need to have all liquid but just things he doesn’t have to chew?

      Cream of Wheat
      Cream of Rice
      (Both can be doctored to be savory or sweet)

      Chicken soup made with Acini de Pepe. (Little pastas you just swallow and don’t chew.) Use Better than Bouillon so there is no chicken meat. Add a little fresh parsley for a fresh taste. If you’re into it, you can also add some powdered herbs. Usual suspects: sage, rosemary, thyme.

      Split Pea soup.
      Cream of Tomato soup

      Some of the canned Chef BoyArDee can be eaten without chewing. They have one called Mini ABCs 123s without meatballs that is just soft pasta. No chewing required. They also make a mac n cheese and a pasta in butter sauce that I image is also so soft no chewing required. All their canned pasta is very soft. They have a microwave “lasagna” with a “meat sauce” so I’m thinking it might be able to be eaten without chewing. Also a microwave spaghetti, just spaghetti.

      You could cook up very soft any orzo or fideo pasta and put any sauce on it, just make sure the pieces are small and it is very overcooked to be soft. Use tomato, alfredo, butter, cream or even pesto sauces.

      Scrambled eggs with milk added to make them kinda soupy and break them up a lot while cooking.

      1. WOW! Thank you so much, ML for the plethora of yummy and simple ideas! I’m sorry your parents are also ill. We will certainly use the ideas you have developed for them at our house. It gave me a big grin to read you referring to him as Huny Punkin! He doesn’t mind Ensure, but it would get old quick, I opine. Hugs❤️

  2. Yay! Just added Mrs P to my digital collection.

    It is Lost Sock Memorial day. I need to check my drawers and hold services if required.

      1. LOL. I actually kept a beloved sock for three years when I was in High School, hoping the mate would eventually turn up. It did! It was inside one of my Dad’s t-shirts and was found when he finally was down to the shirts in the bottom of the drawer.

        You never know where they might hide. Check the filter and exhaust in the dryer. If it was stuck in your washer, you would probably know.

  3. Rose!….Youse were asking about The Thieves the other day….grunt!….I have an update for you about those rascally guys via Beau (the black pug)….snorkel!… He wants me to let you know this information via your SDD, So look for a sign tomorrow….gurgle!

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