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Many thanks to Patti Mossey for this post about Mollie, Chet’s July Friend of the Month. Mollie is the FB profile pic for July and a signed copy of Up on the Woof Top, the latest Chet and Bernie novel, will be winging its way to Patti. In August this could be you! Just post a pic. The random number generator takes it from there.

“Mollie is thrilled to be Chet’s Pal for July! We LOVE Chet, especially when he uses his pawmazing nose in the books – be it to sniff out perps, food that has been long forgotten by humans, or to recognize those subtle changes in humans (hello ladies falling for Bernie!).

Mollie is a coonhound mix, and she has a pretty talented nose that might rival Chet’s! Her favorite activities are urban parkour and canine nosework.She was adopted back in 2016, and has traveled to 23 states with her humans. She gets to play in NACSW nosework trials, and is only 13 points away from earning her Elite Champion title! Mollie has earned so many placement ribbons and created so many wonderful memories along the way, we cherish them all. Nosework is such a cool thing to be able to do with your dog. They let you into their world and if you listen to what they are telling you, you’ll form a bond that is so powerful it cannot be described in words.”

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  1. Those last two sentences sound like something Bernie might say! I love that mutual respect and affection! Huny Punkin and I met at the University of Tennessee, where the beloved mascot is a blue tick coonhound, Smoky, and we love that wonderful breed! Scent talent is an integral element of the breed. Chet will love nosing around with Miss Mollie!

  2. Yay for Mollie, nosework and the NACSW. Diana passed her ORT but Covid hit before she got earned her first Title. It’s been five years now and with Freyja there isn’t an easy way for her to continue to attend trials as most involve a day’s drive and staying overnight. Freyja would have to stay in the car while Diana was doing her run. The logistics are just too difficult. We do have the equipment for her to “play” the smelly game at home but going to compete just isn’t easy.

    23 states is awesome. Very few dogs get to Elite. At 8 years old I predict she will easily make her elite status and then have many years to sniff her laurels, waiting for them to create an even higher rank.

    I should note that this isn’t all Mollie although she gets the credit. Nosework is a team sport between human and dog so Mollie’s owner should get as much credit as Mollie for her part in their successes. So kudos to Patti for her part of the team and for supporting Mollie as she enjoys her favorite sport.

    BTW, nosework isn’t very flashy, like Agility, so you’re not likely to see it on TV.

    It is a great sport as any dog can participate, any size, any breed, mixed breeds, deaf, blind and even those with social issues that make them reactive to either other people or other dogs. It is a calm, quiet, solitary sport and it actually helps dogs gain confidence. Plus it’s fun for them.

    I’m so glad Mollie is our FotM and has brought some attention to this wonderful and safe dog sport. (As far as I know, no dog has sprained or broken their nose competing.)

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