Learned a new word today and it isn’t even 8AM! Today’s going to be good.

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  1. ML, we have a restaurant, called Barbacoa, that makes and serves guacamole table side in a molcajete. So maybe our local restaurant supply carries them. I’ll check there first, and if they don’t have the authentic lava stone kind, I’ll order one from the source you recommended. We had such a lovely time on Maroma Beach, but the traveling was hell beyond belief. If something could go wrong, it did. But we are home, safe and sound, so I am grateful.

  2. Now that you’ve learned a new word you need to learn to use one.

    Best guacamole ever.

    First you season it, then you use it.

    I’ll bet the guacamole Bernie eats is made in a molcajete. I’ll bet the guacamole in any restaurant, bar and hole in the wall in the Valley and South Pedroia is made in a molcajete.

    How could you not know this word?

    Oh, uh. Maine.

  3. Oh, and it’s International Winter Bike to Work Day. Now I know OFA doesn’t bike to work, he just walks a few steps. But he does bike so he could go out and bike around the block and then come home to work.

    It’s also National Pizza Day. No molcajate required.

    1. No fear. Just pick a day. You’ve got a whole week starting Sunday:

      National Pizza Week – Jan 12-18
      Pizza Pie Day – Feb 9
      National Pizza Day – Feb 9
      Great American Pizza Bake – Feb 11-17
      National Deep Dish Pizza Day – Apr 5
      International Pizza Cake Day – Apr 18
      National Pizza Party Day – May 17
      Bitcoin Pizza Day – May 22
      National Detroit Style Pizza Day – June 23
      National Pizza Day in Brazil – July 10
      National Cheese Pizza Day – Sept 5
      National Pizza Month – October
      International Beer and Pizza Day – Oct 9
      National Sausage Pizza Day – Oct 11
      National Pizza with the Works EXCEPT Anchovies Day – Nov 12

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