Memo from the Desk of Mr. Pest

Many thanks to all who have preordered A Farewell to Arfs, the next #ChetandBernie novel, coming Aug. 6. I probably seem like a pest about this, but publishers are more and more interested in preorders, and they’re a big factor when it comes to book tours, print runs, etc. – all those issues that can cloud the mind of the actual writer.
Mr. Pest, Assistant, Writing Dept.

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  1. If we pre-order from Amazon, does that register with them?

    Speaking of being a pest….

    Freyja is in the Sweet Sixteen. 8 pairs and she is the last pair. The goat and the tortoise are still in it but I think if she went head to head with them she would take it. Her current opponent is pretty cute but I am hoping she advances to the Elite Eight. If she does she gets a prize.

    This round is a short one, only today and tomorrow. You can vote once only with each e-mail address you have.

    Please vote Freyja. I hope you have the URL by now but it’s easy.

    sdhumane dot org slash contest.

    And you know what my sweet Kissy Face looks like. She is the last pair against a cute red-ish sort of sheep dog mix.

    Please vote for Freyja today or tomorrow. Saturday I’ll know if she makes the next round. Thanks to everyone who has already voted. Once per round only but you can vote with each e-mail address you have.

    (Oh, and cheater cat Sade who had SIX photos is out. Her last photo was against the tortoise so good job everyone.)

  2. Greetings!

    RIO! Rest assured that I do not make any personal Plunderer information available without permission. Your secrets are safe with me. :^)

    Go, Freyja!

    Good afternoon to all!

    1. Wose, you have my permission to share my info with any regular on this blog.
      Thank you for being such an excellent keeper of the keys!

      Pete the Pest. Has a certain ring…. Ha! As if! Never gonna happen!

      ML, voting now! Both of us here in Idaho!

    2. Rose!….I feel very assured in your confidentiality,,,snort! ..I trust you with my info!…usnorkel!

      Auctions!….When we were having online auctions for Snowhook is when much information was passed on….snort!…As we had to mail our auction items to the highest bidder. What fun that was!!…chuffle!…By doing this and trusting each other we were able to exchange information….snorkel!

  3. Just to refresh per my post earlier this morning (appearing on yesterday’s blog entry), I have already cast my vote for Freyja and really believe she has a good change to go further. She has the most engaging doggy grin that one can imagine and Franklin is definitely smitten as well.

    1. Saw that post.

      Some history on that photo.

      Diana and I drove three hours to the Hesperia Animal Control to adopt her, getting there 15 min before the 4pm deadline, then taking a number and anxiously waiting for 10 min before it was our turn. Freyja was red carded which meant if they needed the space, she would be walking the green mile. They brought her out, Diana didn’t seem to care and she was already sucking up to me. $90 and she was ours. Two hour drive back home.

      The photo was taken after we got home. It was still light (June 27, 2021) and I sat in the yard with them for quite a while. I figured she would be off sniffing the back yard and getting familiar with it but nope, she laid down at my feet. I was taking a few photos of her and she looked up and I got this one. It’s cropped as you can see Diana’s feet and tennis ball in the background.

      This close up was an indication of the dog she would become. The first few weeks she was still learning her name, what a bed was, what a toy was, how do the play bow and what it meant, weeks before she learned them all. But after a few months she became the dog she was meant to be, her true self. The self of this photo. She is a happy, affectionate girl and she looks like the photo all of the time now.

      It’s meant changes. She cannot be left alone so either Diana or I have to be with her. But it is a small adjustment and I am happy to do it. No vacations for me while she is still living. And from our experience yesterday (Diana spent the day at the vet having oral surgery) when Diana passes I will have to immediately get another dog to be Freyja’s companion as she must have someone with her or she gets very anxious. Likely why she was surrendered twice before I adopted her and how she got on the “list” to begin with.

      I am certain if Franklin and Freyja were to meet, she would be smitten with him and they would have a fabulous time playing together.

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