Meet Fergus!

The random # generator speaks: “Fergus!” That makes Fergus (described in the caption as the “Santa Fe mini-werewolf”) Chet’s friend of the month for May over on the FB page. Fergus will be the profile pic as soon as IT shows up and Fergus’s human companion gets a signed copy of the latest Chet and Bernie novel, in this case Up on the Woof Top. Next month this could be you. Just post a pic on FB. R#G does the rest!

(And may I say how I love seeing all these photos? The nation within the nation is real.)

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  1. Greetings!

    Congratulations, Fergus! What a penetrating stare you have. And what’s this about you being a mini-werewolf? I’m thinking that if you had a cape, you would remind me of Bela Lugosi in “Dracula.” :^)

    Congratulations also go out to May’s PFOM, Freyja aka KissyFace!

    Good day to all!

  2. Congratulations Fergus, you mini-werewolf, you.

    Kissy Face is the face for May? I will tell her and give her an extra treat. And Diana too since what one gets the other must have.

    Happy May Day and Happy Beltane.

    It is also National Doodle Dog day and National Purebred Dog day. I’ve owned neither but mine have plenty of their own days so enjoy.

    Speaking of dogs, this Saturday is SDHumane’s Walk for the Animals Day. The Wonder Puppies are signed up and if you’ve donated in the past you might have gotten an e-mail since the posting of links here is so hit and miss. But I will try.

    support dot sdhumane dot org slash goto slash wonderpuppies

    You can also surf around the sdhumane site for wonderful stories on the work they do. They have a channel on YouTube to but no way am I going to try to post that.

    Please consider a donation for a worthy cause.

  3. Mlaiuppa: She may not have won the SDHumane’s Bark Madness contest, but Kissy Face is indeed the Plunderer Friend of the Month! Make sure she gets two extra treats. :^)

    1. Neither of them will say no to that.

      They’ve been getting treats twice a day for a week now. In that I have started to make them home made dog food and they have been off kibble for a week. Neither of them are too old to benefit from a better diet and hopefully a longer, healthier life. They no longer get bully sticks since $1,000 dental bill for Diana pawPrints, but they still get chicken strips and I may be feeding them occasional kibble or something else to keep their teeth clean.

      I still hesitate to feed them raw but that is not outside the realm of possibilities in the future. I’m currently using a pressure cooker but it still takes a few hours of prep, cook and cool down.

  4. Ferguson looks skeptical to me. Those eyes are gorgeous, though. Mini-werewolf, indeed!
    Wose, I love that Freyja, aka Kissy Face, is the PFOTM! Well deserved after her valiant race for a good cause!
    ML, what is your recipe for the Wonder Puppies’ homemade food? I’m afraid I wouldn’t give little Jilly the nutrients she needs. I’m not convinced by the natural foods on the market….
    Night all!

    1. I’m still working on improving it re: all those nutrients and nothing to cause problems in the future. I.E. I’ve switched from spinach to kale and dropped the rice and sweet potato. Am contemplating moving from cooked to raw but not there yet.

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