Limericks (More)

National Limerick Day inspired some talented readers to synopsize Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge – on digital sale at $2.99!!! – in limerick form. Here’s WTAFP:

There once was a woman named Loretta

To her foes, she was determined to get ya

Her cycling skills amaze

Certainly no ordinary craze

And in hot pursuit it was quite the vendetta

And Reba:

Don’t know much geography.
Read books to get a clue, you see.
Romania bids
To where Dinu hids
The money he scammed from Plansky.

Maybe I should just put my feet up and let you guys take over!

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  1. WooHoo!. All present and accounted for.

    I think rather than relaxing our favorite author should take a break from the next Mrs P novel and stoop low enough to create his own Limerick. Maybe as a teaser for the next book. The more cryptic the better.

    Today is Bond With Your Dog day and National Chihuahua appreciation day.

    I spent three hours yesterday watching the Westminster Kennel Club dog show (and never did see King Clarence) but I did learn something about Chihuahuas. Not only are they an ancient breed but they think they came to the Americas from Asia, perhaps China. Now that would make sense as many we have other small breeds that come from Asia. Then I got to thinking about the Chinese Crested, the bald ones. Is it possible they also came over and over the centuries eventually were bred to become the Xolo, who of course has no hair at all except some stubble on it’s crown?

  2. We will be watching the final part of Westminster tonight and fully expect to once again experience our annual disappointment with the failure of the golden retriever to win the whole thing. Not that we are biased or anything.

    1. I am with you. I am disappointed that in the entire history of the Westminster Kennel Club neither a Golden retriever or a Labrador retriever have never been Best in Show. They don’t even win their group very often.

      That is a very good looking Afghan house, though. I’ll bet he would catch Diana’s eye if he were at the dog park.

      King Clarence is a black Labrador retriever from champion blood lines who is supposed to be doing bark stage commentary but so far, zip. One interview on his YouTube feed and one look at agility and dock diving on Sunday. I expected more. But I will still watch tonight.

  3. Well, the Golden did not even win it’s group so no Best in Show this year. I will say I was disappointed with the choice of this particular Golden. The black Lab did make the “finals” of it’s particular group. And the Lab didn’t win the group either but it did place fourth.

    I was disappointed in the Golden that was chosen best of group. Really? That was the best? I didn’t care for the shape of the head and he had no chest hair! I like a golden with a big mane of hair on it’s chest. After all, that’s just one of the things that sets it apart from the Lab. This one just looked like a hairier yellow lab. To me too heavy and blocky to be the best example of a Golden Retirever.

    But that is just my opinion.

    I didn’t care much for the black and tan Cocker either.

    So far, still putting my money on the Afghan Hound.

  4. ML – thanks for the update. We are having video problems with FS1, about three dogs into the Sporting Competition, so we never saw any of the retrievers at all. Oh well, there is always next year.

    1. I’m watching it on an iPad using Spectrum. It will occasionally freeze but usually comes back. I don’t think you shave or cut Golden Retrievers when grooming so I have no idea what was going on with this particular Golden Retriever. I didn’t see a lot of feathers on the legs or the belly and no big fluffy chest hair to speak of. The tail looked trimmed too.

      If you’ve ever seen Teddy or Tucker and Todd Budzyn you know about the big fluffy chest hair. Franklin has big fully chest hair. I know Todd Budzyn has won some shows and he has a generous floof of chest hair, tail, belly and feathers on the legs. Todd is his son and hasn’t quite come into his mature hair yet and I don’t think he’s been shown yet either. But both are better than this year’s Westminster best of breed.

      The winner of Best of Breed was GCHB CH Cressida Noteworthy CD. I was not impressed.

  5. My dogs are represented pretty well.

    The German Shepherd won the group and Diana pawPrints is 34% GSD. The Siberian Husky placed second and Freyja is 55% Siberian Husky. The husky was beaten by the Giant Schnauzer which I will admit is a very impressive dog.

    I still like the Afghan Hound.

    1. The Reserve (Second place, runner up) is he German Shepherd.

      And the winner is: Best in show: Miniature Poodle.

      It is a nice dog but needless to say, I disagree. Still think the Afghan Hound was the best. The other dogs were doing their jobs or being obedient but that Afghan Hound was having a great time, enjoying himself. He really put on a show.

      Best in Group was still a great honor. So is Best of Breed.

      And through it all, no King Clarence.

  6. Mom and I have been watching the show. So far, the only group winner we’ve liked is the German Shepherd. Not impressed with the cocker spaniel (and there were some great hunting dogs). The judge raised and showed cockers so think some bias played in there. And sorry, not impressed with the Giant Schnauzer. Wanted the Great Pyrenees to win that group.

  7. They aren’t a favorite here, but I have to admit the miniature poodle performed top shelf in the best in show ring.
    Still wish the GSD had won. I was also pulling for the bull terrier, but she looked tired in the final judging.
    Oh, well. Always enjoy watching this dog show.

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