Jumping Right In

Well, it looks like there’s some interest in seeing the beginning of A Farewell to Arfs (the next #ChetandBernie novel in a series that can be read in any order) even if it seems a bit early to me – pub date is Aug. 6, preorders welcome! But who am I to disagree?

Who wouldn’t love my job? You see new things every day! Here, for example, we had a perp clinging to a branch high up in a cottonwood tree. That wasn’t the new part. Please don’t get ahead of me—although that’s unlikely to happen, your foot speed and mine being . . . very different, let’s leave it at that with no hurt feelings.

Where were we? Perp in a cottonwood tree, nothing new? Right. Nothing new, not even the little detail of how this particular perp, namely Donnie the Docent Donnegan, was styling his shirt and tie with pajama bottoms. Seen that look once, seen it a . . . well, many times, just how many I couldn’t tell you since I don’t go past two. Not quite true. I have gotten past two the odd time, all the way to whatever comes next, but not today. No biggie. Two’s enough. We’re the proof, me and Bernie. Together we’re the Little Detective Agency, the most successful detective agency in the whole Valley, except for the finances part. Bernie’s last name is Little. I’m Chet, pure and simple.

We stood side by side, as we often do, and gazed up at Donnie. “Donnie?” Bernie said. “No wild ideas.”

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  1. Greetings!

    Thanks for the “Arfs” appetizer Spence! Love the name Donnie the Docent Donnegan…a real tongue twister. :^)

    Make today awesome!

  2. Excellent. I love Chet’s free thinking stream of consciousness.

    Today is Manatee Appreciation Day. Take a mermaid to lunch, but don’t lunch on a mermaid.

    1. Big Tiny, thank mew. I know I foolishly used my email address as my handle back when I first joined this blog group of Plunderers, and Wose contacted me there. I don’t expect anyone else to give out that info on a public forum, so how did you all exchange them? Asking for a friend.

  3. Reba! I don’t really remember how we did that in the beginning. Wose is the best middle man at this point. I am fine with her sharing my email and regular address with you and she can give me yours. Email her and she will help you out with others on the blog.
    And how cool is the you have relatives that live close to the Thieves!! Small world!

    1. Yep. I stayed up until after midnight to vote and see if she was still in it. She is! If she makes the Elite Eight this weekend she gets a small prize.

  4. Thieves. I just saw that too, and I have already voted again for her. Sweet sixteen, here she comes. And with her incredible doggy smile, I have a good feeling about this. As Franklin says, “Miss Freyja — she’s the one!”

    1. She’s IN the Sweet Sixteen now. Saturday is the Elite Eight. If she makes it to that she gets a small prize. She still has some competition but I was most worried about that Frenchie, who is already out.

      BTW I took that photo very soon after we got home from Hesperia. I sat in the yard for quite a while so she could start to acclimate to her new surroundings. I thought she would go exploring but nope, she laid down at my feet for quite a while. So I just took a few photos of her. That is a crop of one of them. Diana’s feet and ball are in the background. I think it is the best photo of her personality. She didn’t look like that very much for the first few weeks but now she looks like that all of the time. My smiling, happy Kissy Face, living her best life. Life being the operative word.

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