Happy Father’s Day!

Normally on Sunday we do beginnings, taking a look at the start of a Peter Abrahams novel (including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker™) but it’s Father’s Day. So, from A Farewell to Arfs the next Chet and Bernie novel coming Aug. 6, here’s this:

And there was Charlie! What a kid! Who else would think to carry a back pack like him? Every single kid out there had bought into the back pack on the back approach, but not our boy, meaning mine and Bernie’s although I suppose I should include Leda. Our boy was the only one who knew that a back pack didn’t have to be on your back! It didn’t even need to be carried at all. Not if you could kick it, kind of like an odd lumpy ball. And then one of his sneakers flew off! How amazing was that?

“Good god in heaven,” Bernie said quietly, which must have meant he was a proud dad.

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  1. LOL. Not on the back. Not even on the front as a minority will do. Not even carried with a handle. Nope. Kicking it. I’m sure he wears out quite a few backpacks that way.

    Never bought into the backpack thing but I have three. One is too large. Bought it for carrying supplies for plein air watercolor but it is just too big and too heavy when full. The second is a beautiful leather one from Levenger that I did use once for a watercolor trip to The Huntington in L.A. and then turns out they don’t allow it so never got out my supplies. I just got the third. It is a mini version designed as a “front pack” for camping from Firebox Stoves. Haven’t used it yet but it looks just right. I’ve got a plein air workshop coming in a month so will try it out then. It has a handle so may not wear it at all but just carry it.

    Along with being Father’s Day it is also Dolly’s Birthday. My parent’s dog. So I have sent her, from amazon, a party hat, a birthday cake plush toy, an assortment of doggy cookies and a card. Not delivered yet but I’m tracking it.

    My Dad got a creamy cheese pie (superior to cheesecake in my opinion), some of his favorite Christmas cookies but cut in circles instead of Santas, a bag of Claey’s root beer candies and a card.

    It is also National Fudge day and Fresh Veggies day. Why it is National Turkey Lovers day I have no clue. You’d think that would be around the third week in November but nope. It’s today.

    For those with one nearby, it is International Waterfall day. Sounds like a great trip to take Dad to have a picnic of turkey sandwiches, carrot and celery sticks and fudge.

  2. Happy Father’s Day! That includes all you doggie daddies!
    ML, I, too love to watercolor! Haven’t done it in a while. You inspire me to get back after it! Never could do plein air. Need the conveniences of my studio.
    I can’t wait to find out what got Charlie in such a snit!

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