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A recent Goodreads review of A Farewell to Arfs, the next Chet and Bernie novel in a series that due to a secret ingredient can be read in any order. Pub date is August 6, so the book is in its preorder stage of life.

“This series just gets better and better. Chet – the canine half – of the investigation team that comprise the Little Detective agency is one of my favorite narrators in literature. With his child-like approach to life his narration is laugh-out-loud funny. The plots are getting tighter and, this one, has everything: stolen identity, explosions, and even a reference to an incident in one of Quinn’s other books. Fun, faced paced read.”

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  1. Greetings!

    Nice review. I especially like what the reader says about Chet’s narration. :^)

    Grizz and I are getting some work done in our apartment. It is hard to live in a work zone.

    Good evening to all!

  2. I’ve checked. Not on sale at Amazon yet but I’m expecting soon. I suppose it doesn’t matter much as if the price drops, so does what I pay.

    Three and a half weeks. Hard to believe it is rapidly approaching. It has been agony waiting since the last book.

    It’s hot but I do get a little work done. A small bit when I unlock the gate for the mail and bring the dogs back for breakfast. The when the shadows get long in the front yard and the temps drop after 5pm I can get a bit more done until it’s too dark to see. Trash collection tomorrow so I’ll have to put out the trash and the green bin. It’s full and I need it empty so i can fill it up again. Thankfully they collect that every week. The recycling is only every other week so it takes longer to get rid of stuff.

    Today is All American Pet Photo day. I’ve got some nice video of them from the security came and I did take some photos yesterday. It is also National Blueberry Muffin day. I have some blueberry scone bits and those will have to do.

  3. Wose and ML, I have a very dear friend, who, whenever I despair of a task hanging over my head, tells me to come over to her house, and we will drink wine until that feeling of guilt passes. Shall I introduce you to her? 😁
    Actually, Wose, I do feel sympathy for you. I really hate having workers in my house, with all the upheaval, etc.
    I hope you all can stay cool and comfortable!

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