GoodReads and A Farewell to Arfs

Some Net Galley reviews of A Farewell to Arfs are starting to appear on Goodreads. (It’s the next Chet and Bernie novel, coming Aug. 6 and now preorderable.) Feel free to post reviews there! Here’s a sample. I omitted the plot summary. May I add that this series can be read in any order?

“I don’t know how Spencer Quinn does it, but this book is just as exceptional as his previous ones! I am so glad that I was able to read an advanced copy, thanks to NetGalley … I was sad to reach the end of the book. Please write another one quickly, Mr. Quinn!”

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  1. This brings up a very interesting point. Some authors burn out when they write a series. One famous example being Conan Doyle who went so far as to kill off Sherlock Holmes because he didn’t want to write them any more.

    So how does OFA do it. Not only do the Chet and Bernie books remain fresh and captivating but they seem to get better and better. He seems more enthusiastic about then next one rather than tired and bored. We know he isn’t cranking out another one just for the money. It’s because he loves his characters and looks forward to their next adventure.

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    1. ML, what an insightful post! It’s because of all OFA’s admirable qualities that he has such loyal fans! I agree with you, he enjoys writing C&B as much as we enjoy reading them! Is that even possible?

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